Boost your sales through Spot Advertising or 10 to 60 seconds TV Commercials. Increase your client reach  and build trust from new customers via infomercials. TV Commercials will build brand awareness.

Services will include:

  1. Gathering Information

  2. Script Writing

  3. Casting

  4. Location Scouting

  5. Securing Props & Wardrobe

  6. Shooting

  7. Video Editing

  8. Audio Editing

  9. Coordination with TV Networks about the airing of ads

Television Advertising

5,000$One Time Fee
  • High quality, professional Video or TV Commercial for your product or company. We utilize beautiful stock footage, professional voice narration, and can add your image content to create a video for social media, website, and/or broadcast television. (3 lengths: 15Seconds, 30 Seconds and 60 Seconds
  • Your purchase includes:
  • Script review and guidance (*additional fee if you need our Development/Script Writing Services. )
  • Professional Voice Narration
  • Royalty-Free music background track
  • Multiple Stock Footage video clips
  • Editing in any product images or video clips that you provide to us
  • Incorporating your logo and graphics into your video
  • Custom transitions of visual clips
  • Basic lower third text animation
  • Typically 5 Day turn around for the first review
  • Two minor revisions
  • Exported Video File / Digital Delivery
  • How it works.
  • We discuss the vision for your Project
  • You provide the script (*or have us Develop the script)
  • You choose Male or Female voice actor
  • We provide a first draft to
  • Add on:
  • visual effects.
  • Some common VFX:
  • Green Screen
  • Roto
  • Beauty work
  • Matte painting
  • Deep compositing
  • Motion graphics
  • Clean up
  • VR stitching