What is Business Automation and how do we do it?

As small businesses are developed, they all have the same repetitive tasks needed to be done such as: sending emails, social media posting, sending payments, ETC. All these tasks take time and this is where business automation comes in.

Business automation is what I call, "creating a second you".  Every repetitive task can be done on auto and can save you a ton of time so you can focus on other and more important tasks. If you need more time in your business, start automating today by:

Look for Repetition

Automation is all about getting tasks done without actually doing it and what is the best way to start, you ask, start with the ones that you have to do daily or weekly. Here are some of the few you need to consider automating: new client intake, email contact, E-commerce, social media content, appointment schedule, and the list goes on. Identify specifically what you do regularly so you don't have to.

Implement tools/Artificial Intelligence

Time is one of the most essential currencies that a business owner has and having software that helps to save time by maintaining the efficiency and performance of your business is paramount. A social media content tools like Canva can both design graphics and schedule content, Planoly helps with scheduling posts too, and others like Buffer, CoSchedule, and many more. For email marketing, we have Sendgrid, Mailer, Mailchimp, Constant Contact Yesware, Etc and lastly for payroll, Quick book, Peachtree, Square, Gusto Paychex, and more. There's an abundance of tools that can help you automate your business and save time 

Track Results and Refine Methods

So you've found what is being repeated in your business, whether daily or weekly and now you've found a tool(s) that works for you.  Over the period of time, having everything automated, you either begin to see the same results, more growth, or less. Remember your aim as a business owner is to see growth every day even in small things. Going through the results you've been getting from the metrics is a good way to see where you are at and if there's any way to refine your methods that are good, for example: for social media, you might need different hashtags, for email marketing, you might need a more personalized first line. Whatever it is, your methods can be refined to yield greater results.