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If you are thinking of creating your own youtube channel, you have to think hard in choosing the right niche for your channel. If your niche is perfect for you then success will come easier and who knows you can be one of the most viral and successful Youtubers in 2021. If you have no idea or have not yet decided on your niche, I can list down some great ideas for your youtube channel.


1.         Fashion

Fashion videos are so popular and if giving fashion advice and ideas is the right niche for you then you can focus on this. There are unique ways to create fashion vlogs, to make your youtube videos noticeable, you should not just stick with the usual topics like fashion trends this season and favourite summer dresses.  If you want to gain a steady increase in followers you need to publish unique content for youtube that can get a good number of views and likes.


There are distinctive contents for a fashion vlog that you can do like, celebrities copycat styling, 5 minutes party look, back to the future and a lot more. Viewers want to see unique content but at the same time practical and can help them improve their fashion. 


2.         Travel Vlog

Everyone is hoping to travel soon and while people are not yet allowed to go on vacation, this niche will still be one of the best youtube video ideas for 2021. As they plan for their next travel destination they will search for travel vlogs or relive their travel experiences through these videos. 


You can do your travel vlog locally, explore tourist destinations near your area. Make the most of this pandemic and create an interesting vlog on the unexplored scenic beauty in your town, province or city. Make sure to include videos of you trying food or activities from that place and make your videos more engaging and make your viewers feel that they are with you on this trip.  You can also include blooper clips to make your video more fun.


3.         Tutorial

The tutorial is always in trend because of the busy lifestyle of people nowadays. Parents do not have enough time to teach their children everything they need to know and in times of this, they turn to youtube for help. While students are still in online classes, several projects and subjects might be hard for their teachers to teach and explain properly. So the tutorial will still be trending on youtube until every country in the world will be back to normal.


There are several viral youtube videos from the tutorial niche so you have to plan your videos properly. First, you need to choose your expertise, focus on a specific topic and give a thorough and detailed explanation of it on your tutorial videos. Great editing of your videos will surely help on this one.


4.         Beauty Tips

The beauty tips genre will never go out of trend because people are always searching for self-care videos on youtube. This is a wide topic, so you might want to choose a specific content you can focus on depending on your interest. Most youtube videos are almost related to face and anti-ageing.


Some of The themes to consider are the not so common but equally important beauty topics like body hair, feet and hands care or knees and elbows care. Remember to relate to your viewers while making your videos think of them as your friends and you are just exchanging beauty secrets. Make sure that your video is shot at home with a natural look background.


5.        Easy to cook recipes

People who work from home love easy to cook recipes because of their limited time preparing for food while they do their jobs. This is good content for a new youtube channel because of the constant need to eat and therefore cook.


There There is a lot of competition on this youtube channel idea, so you might want to make your recipes easy and unique and trendy. You can also add on your videos some helpful tips and health facts to make them stand out.


6.         Product Reviews

People usually refer to product reviews online, especially on youtube before buying a product or availing a service. There is an impulse to know first if it is worth your money. Product reviews are important because they provide detailed information and honest opinions that can prevent you from wasting money and getting the best product.


While there are existing product review channels on YouTube, it is still a topic that has a lot of opportunities for those who are only starting their channel. To start, think of an interest that you like. Then can focus on reviewing products or services related to it. Creating your content based on your interest will help you have an easier time conceptualizing and working. It is better to also focus on new and emerging products so you need more time for research on this niche.


7.         Gaming

In the previous years, gaming has continuously increased in popularity with the release of award-winning games and technologically advanced gaming consoles. Games have become more and more accessible for everyone.

Today, games are for everyone. There are dedicated games for kids and adults. As a content creator on YouTube, you can enjoy playing games while creating content for your channel.


Gaming content is a great start in generating more subscribers in your channel. The reason for this is that every game has a dedicated fan base and followers. You already have a niche market to target.


8.         Sports and Fitness

People are always conscious of their bodies and weight. At one point, there is no doubt that everyone had the urge to focus on taking care of their body through going on a diet or working out. Oftentimes, people are unable to do sports and fitness because they lack motivation and knowledge on how to do these activities.


From this challenge, you can take this as an opportunity to help them have the motivation and knowledge to achieve the body they aspire. Sports and fitness are essential to healthy living. It is one of the most searched contents because of the rising need for indoor activities brought about by the lockdowns in every country.


9.         Tech Channel

All are concerned with and regulated by technology in this new age. We are all habitually on our smartphones, or computers, from children to adults. It is safe to say that our phones are like our third hands.


Every year, technology is evolving and changing. There are constant updates on the way technology works in your gadgets and life. With this, you can take advantage of this unique opportunity to bridge the gap between new technology and people. You can act as the guide who will walk and teach the viewers everything related to the technology that governs today’s society.


10.       House Hacks

People are still encouraged to stay at home, what else would you do aside from taking care of the only place deemed safe at this time? House hack is a channel type that you can utilize to improve the status of your home while sharing life hacks other people may also copy and do in their own houses.


In YouTube, house hacks are already vital trending videos every day. Find new hacks that will definitely improve your viewers' homes, and you will surely gain subscribers and have a high chance of creating a trending video.


These best youtube ideas for 2021 can help you get a jumpstart on your long-planned youtube channel. Bear in mind that these ideas are already well-searched so you have to be creative and distinct for your own youtube videos to stand out. Great planning, a good camera and exceptional video editing will also make a lot of difference.